Film & Video Editing


Video Interviews

Video Editor & Creative Director

Each guest speaker at the international conference “Bitter Laughter” were introduced by a short video interview. Excepts of the videos were also used as promotional material for the conference.

This was an International Production: each video was filmed at the office/studio of the cartoonists, in their respective countries.


Short Promotional Videos

Video Editor & Creative Director


Promotional Videos

Video Editor & Creative Director


Feature Documentary

Assistant Editor

Inspiring story of three young Ecuadorian soccer players chasing success in the face of extraordinary challenges. Entwined with their athletic dreams are the hopes of all Afro-Ecuadorians, for whom soccer is more than a sport but the means to recognition and respect they have long been denied.

Directed by Betty Bastidas.

The film has received HBO/NALIP Documentary Award; Ecuadorian Film Festival NY, Winner Best Film Jury Award 2016.


Short Experimental Documentary

Writer | Director | Editor

In America’s prisons, sexual abuse is infringed to inmates by fellow prisoners and/or guards with little to no repercussions. This terrifying reality continues to evolve under everyone’s eyes. “Just Detention” is a short experimental documentary that raises awareness about this issue.

Official Selection, “Let’s All Be Free Film Festival” (London, 2014).


Short Film


Set in present day Manhattan, two unlikely women meet in the most usual circumstance. One: an independent, successful artist, bored in her college-sweetheart-themed marriage. The other: a lonely housewife and mother, desperate to discover what is missing in her whimsical world. One week brings the two together where a certain spontaneity and sexuality are explored. Neither of them are aware of how much they’re willing to risk until it may be too late.

Written and Directed by Jackie Massar.

Official Selection, “Chain NYC Film Festival”


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