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The smell of ink, the roaring of a printer, and the frenzied environment of a newsroom defined my childhood. I grew up in the offices of La Voce d’Italia, the oldest Italian newspaper abroad, which was founded by my grandfather in 1950 in Caracas (Venezuela). Perhaps that would explain my deep, and somewhat nostalgic, appreciation for the printed world.

Following my grandfather’s footsteps, in 2014 I co-founded the publication ViceVersa Magazine, aimed for the Latin American Community in the US and around the world.

I’m a multidisciplinary person by nature. My work spans from creative direction, to production and art direction of cultural events, video editing, graphic design, branding, and curation of art collaborations.

Things I’m looking for? A collaborative, dynamic and multicultural environment. Projects that change the world, one pixel at a time.

Things I love? When art meets politics, innovative visual storytellers, independent publications, cats.

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