ViceVersa Magazine

ViceVersa Magazine is a daily online publication, based in NYC, that promotes the talent and achievements of the Latin community in the US and around the world.

With more than 400 collaborators, from more than 30 countries spawning the US, Europe, and Latin America, ViceVersa Magazine has become a platform for showcasing the analytical and creative insights of this wonderfully diverse community.

Role: Co-Founder & Creative Director
Founded in: 2014


Creative Director | Illustrator


Creative Director | Graphic Designer | Video Editor

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Creative Director | Illustrator

The profile of ViceVersa Magazine’s 400+ collaborators are stylized, black and white, illustrations. This style of illustration became the road map for the magazine’s visual identity.


Creative Director | Video Editor


ViceVersa Magazine publishes weekly interviews with well-known Hispanic personalities and emerging new talents. The interviews are introduced by experimental short videos, which set the tone of the articles.


Creative Director | Producer

In partnership with the The Cooper Union, ViceVersa Magazine organizes, since 2016, the international conference Bitter Laughter: Political Satire from Latin America & Spain.

In 2018, ViceVersa Magazine partnered with The New Work Project to expand Bitter Laughter into an event series called Art and Activism from Latin America & Spain. These events feature New York-based Latinx artists whose work is an instrument of change. 

To know more, please visit Bitter Laughter.


Creative Director | Video Editor

The slogan #SoyViceVersa (I’m ViceVersa) was created for the first anniversary of the magazine. Illustrations of famous Latin American personalities (i.e. Frida Kahlo, Julio Cortázar, Salvador Dalí, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Márquez) were drawn to commemorate this occasion. By using the same illustration style used for the profile pictures of the magazine’s collaborators, the intent was to draw a visual parallel between ViceVersa Magazine’s community and these inspiring Latin American artists and writers.


Creative Director | Illustrator

Design and execution of Promotional Materials such as tote bags, postcards, business cards, and stickers.


Creative Director | Video Editor

In 2015, ViceVersa Magazine launched a successful fundraising campaign to continue expanding its offerings to its readers.

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